Gandaki Medical College
Teaching Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd.


Educating physicians is in-training on proficient, qualified and compassionate practice of medicine and the advancement of knowledge about disease, its prevention and treatment as a lifelong educational process. Gandaki Medical College Teaching Hospital (GMCTHRC) provides an acute phase of this education. GMCTH maintains the theory of imparting quality education in the field of medicine based on a combination of humanized needs blended with undistorted international standards and the most advanced medical practices of the modern age. With respect to the fulfillment of its objectives, the college is committed to achieve the following vision:

  1. Serve as a comprehensive education resource by providing quality educational programs to match the best available in this arena.
  2. Prepare its students for the graduate/postgraduate medical and paramedical degrees whereby they will be well groomed and equipped in all aspects of health care to enter the next phase of their professional education.
  3. Increase substantially the number of physicians from the underrepresented groups. ie. minorities and women. Institute’s research endeavors are aimed at contributing to development of new health related knowledge in a variety of areas including preventive and health
  4. maintenance approaches.
    1. Normal growth, function and development
    2. The nature of diseases
    3. Diagnostic techniques
    4. Therapeutic strategies
    5. Rehabilitative methods
    6. Efficient, cost-effective health service delivery system
    7. Health problems of urban and industrialized communities
    8. Educational methodologies for professionals and consumers
    9. Recruitment, motivation and retention techniques for underrepresented minority student.