Gandaki Medical College
Teaching Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd.




Emergency Services

With 30 bedded advanced emergency ward with 10 monitors and standby ventilators. Internationally recognized advanced Emergency Management Services (EMS) with comprehensively trained workforce. It is run as a department headed by a specialist in General and Emergency Medicine and 12 Medical Officers and 12 Nurses and 12 Other paramedical staffs fully dedicated for ER. We have 2 emergency operation theatres devoted for emergency and trauma surgeries.

The Emergency Department of Gandaki Medical College Teaching Hospital provides emergency care and treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ED provides 24 hour emergency care for an average of 40 patients per day and has over 15000 attendances per year. We were established in 2009


If you need to attend the Emergency Department you will generally have an initial assessment, and will be seen by a Medical Officer who is trained to diagnose patients and provide appropriate treatment.  Specialist emergency medicine consultants also provide care. Further, consultants of all departments are on call duty round the clock for 365 days


Aims of department

Our aim is to provide excellent care with compassion.

The team seeks to provide a high level of patient care, ensuring that our patients are assessed, treated and admitted and discharged within two hours where ever possible.

The department manages everything from minor injuries, life threatening medical emergencies such as strokes and heart attacks, severe life or limb threatening injuries such as those from car accidents, and other less severe medical conditions such as abdominal pain.

The department exists to undertake the prompt diagnosis and treatment of all acute emergencies. We strive to achieve excellence in teaching, research and quality care for all patients.


Education: In the training of current and future physicians, we strive for excellence in teaching the practice of emergency medicine to students. Our goal is to develop skilled and compassionate physicians through our internship training program.


Research: We aim to improve emergency medical care by advancing knowledge through research in the laboratory and in the clinical environment.