Gandaki Medical College
Teaching Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd.


GMCTHRC is one of the hospital in Gandaki zone, Nepal to have direct control over pharmacy i.e. hospital having its own pharmacy and provides a complete range of pharmacy services to emergency, OPD and inpatient including critical care units at the hospital round the clock. The pharmacy is supported and guided by the department of Pharmacology.


GMCTHRC pharmacy is conveniently located within the Hospital premises near the main reception counter which allows sufficient space for the visitor while receiving pharmacy services. The pharmacy is well equipped and furnished to ensure all medicines are stored appropriately and securely. All the medicines are arranged on the basis of their therapeutic category which allows quick and accurate picking of medicine. Pharmacy staff are expert in the field of medicines and are not only responsible for the dispensing of prescription but also responsible for advising medical and nursing staffs for the selection, dose and route of administration. In the pharmacy, prescriptions are closely observed with efficient system for dispensing medications to ensure that there are no errors and that they are appropriate and safe for the individual patient. Pharmacy follows FIFO to minimize the risk of dispensing expired and damaged medicine because patient safety is fundamental to all which GMCTHRC pharmacy does.

The pharmacy has separate counters for OPD patients, Inpatients, emergency & Critical units' patients and patients willing return/refund unused drugs.

GMCTHRC pharmacy offers subsidized rate to its all employees, students and deprived people on prescription medications. GMCTHRC pharmacy provides computerized bill to discourage defrauding.